Inov-8 Technology

  • Inov-8 Disclaimer


    We combine premium quality materials with a highly skilled manufacturing process, however should any of our products develop a manufacturing or material fault within one year, we will either replace or repair the product. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage and is conditional upon care instructions being followed. To make a claim please return the product to your retailer for inspection with proof of purchase. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights in any way.

    "We're all tempted to just stuff them in the bag until we use them next." Cleaning the shoe regularly ensures that no small particles of dirt or grit are left inside the shoe which can cause the premature abrasion on your socks and lining of the shoe (not to mention your foot). Remove the footbed, wash them down inside and out with water or rinse them in a stream. Allow them to dry naturally with the footbed removed, do not force dry as this can damage the uppers and midsole.


    The GORE-TEX® guarantee is for the lifetime of the product
    Normal wear and tear or damage which has been inflicted on the product due to inappropriate use or incorrect care, are excluded from this guarantee. Product life cycle can be defined as anywhere from 6 months and up, depending on the use of the product.

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