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  • Academy of Lions History


    An organization that exists to provide the community with programs, services, education, support and products that optimize lifestyle in a holistic way.

    It is our belief that individuals can only attain satisfaction with their lives once they realize their true potential. This can only become the case once physical health, conditioning, proper nutrition and mental focus are optimized.

    Academy of Lions is focused on bringing about powerful personal development for its community members who will take that energy outside to help inspire a positive culture in all places and circumstances.



    Lifelong friends, Sohail Bastani and Dhani Oks first incorporated Academy Of Lions in August 2008. The business began as a Fitness Studio that delivered CrossFit Programming, which was something that the partners both felt passionate about.

    The operations grew to include a wide range of services fitness, nutrition and consultation services.



    The Academy Of Lions Foundation was granted Not-For-Profit Corporate status in the summer of 2010. The beginnings of the Foundation’s initiatives were roughly a year and a half prior


    when the partners decided to invest their time and resources in a community project to help homeless youth.

    Having seen powerful physical, mental and emotional improvement in their CrossFit clients, the theory was born that the most at-risk and challenged population could benefit from the same programming which they would otherwise not have access to.

    Since then, we have worked with dozens of homeless and at-risk youth to help create positive habits that we feel will lead to better character and positive actions.

    The Foundation is currently organizing further to be in a position to take on additional funding and grants to help grow its services and positively impact larger segments of the community.


    MISSION Athletics For All.

    Using sport, movement, fitness, physical challenges to create positive habits. These habits will affect every aspect of life and community. We encourage our community members to use physical challenges to create enjoyment, health and the inspiration to make good choices such as the purchase of healthy local food. These simple habits and choices will lead to healthier lifestyles , communities and economies.



    Our actions reflect our character and our character is in constant need of challenge to foster growth. Our directors, staff and clients are refining their understanding of themselves and actions on a daily basis. We inspire others with our efforts and therefore can improve others by improving ourselves.

    We challenge ourselves by testing limits, believing that failure and risk are the paths to success. We are fearless in the belief of our vision, our leadership and our skills.



    Having seen the personal benefits of a lifestyle based in intense physical challenge, through CrossFit, proper nutrition and the mental focus it all breeds, Sohail and Dhani decided to provide these services to the city and community they lived in. They invested personal


    finances and assets to build a CrossFit Program in the west end of Toronto, despite being in a down economy and receiving no financial backing.

    Working tirelessly, they grew their business from the back seat of a car and a couple of clients to a large space at 64 Ossington Ave and over 200 clients. The clients are also passionate, and the culture is overwhelmingly supportive and positive. The community aspect of the space and business is what drives the growth and success of the business and Foundation.



    The Organization is currently working out of rejuvinated 3 story building at 64 Ossington Avenue, just north of queen street west. Everything from the fitness training, community work, operations, food sales, event planning is done there. We view this space as an asset to the local community and the city of Toronto, in fact adopting the mantra “Lift Toronto” as a way to inspire positive action, business, leadership and marketing to improve the culture and attitude within the city.

    We have seen our many members adopt better habits and the impact is not only personal. Through teaching them to move better and eat better, we see them changing their economic choices. Our clients are supporting more local independent restaurants, health shops and farmer’s markets.



    - CrossFit Programming. This is the primary service offered by Academy Of Lions. It is used to provide the most rewarding and exciting physical training to our clients.
    - Personal Training. Providing the most attentive and focused coaching and helping to deliver results efficiently.


    - Nutrition. Counseling and Programming that is based in a Paleolithic Approach, delivering significant gains in health, performance and physical appearance. Focusing on un-processed, local and fresh foods as the base and eliminating or scaling typically problematic foods like gluten, grains, dairy and legumes.



    - Retail Gym Equipment: KettleBells, Gymnastic Rings, Free Weights, Olympic Weights, Racks, Ropes, Fitness Bands, Skipping Ropes, Rowers
    - Clothing. A growing selection of athletic and fashion tee-shirts
    - Primal Espresso Bar offering varieties of Tea and Coffee based drinks
    - Inov-8 Toronto. we have been retailing inov-8 shoes for almost 2 years and have recenly received the inov-8 toronto brand from inov-8 canada as their only official retailor in downtown toronto with over 40 styles/colors.
    - Food. PaleoFood Shop carries only foods that are appropriate for the Paleo Diet, including local, organic, pastured, free-range animal products like grass-fed beef. Other items include coconut products, oils, chocolate, condiments and snacks [Paleo Kits, Crowine, Owl&Goose to name a few specialty products]. No processed foods or “energy drinks/bars” are sold.


    We have been running an online shop for about 2 years and have recently relaunched our online store to better service our growing customers with the brands we offer. we have shipped Inov-8 shoes to places across Canada from Yukon to St. John's. All our products are being shipped from our General Store location at 64 Ossington Ave in Toronto.



    we can be reached at the following:


    P: 416.538.4967 [general voice-mail]
    A: 64 Ossington Ave. Toronto, ON. M6J 2Y7


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