About Academy of Lions


An organization that exists to provide the community with programs, services, education, support and products that optimize lifestyle in a holistic way.

Lifelong friends, Sohail Bastani and Dhani Oks started the Academy Of Lions in August 2008 as one of the first CrossFit & Weightlifting gyms in the city.   It was their belief that individuals can only attain satisfaction with their lives once they realize their true potential. This can only become the case once physical health, conditioning, proper nutrition and mental focus are optimized.

The Academy is now located in a large 3-story building in the heart of the Downtown Toronto's Vibrant West-End.  Services include CrossFit, Personal Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition, Running Training.  There is also a large General Store that sells food & goods for the Athletic Lifestyle. 


If you are interested in training at the Academy Of Lions for CrossFit, Personal Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Running, Nutrition or any other of our fitness services, please fill out the contact form below. 







P: 416.538.4967 [general voice-mail]
E: shop@academyoflions.com
A: 64 Ossington Ave. Toronto, ON. M6J 2Y7