• ClassPacks

  • Get a ClassPack and take up to 6 months to use your classes. Can be applied to any of our regular classes. See www.academyoflions.com/class-schedule

    New Members ClassPacks include 2 Personal OnRamp sessions (one-on-one coaching)
    Existing Members can purchase a regular ClassPack at those rates as many times as you like. 
    OnRamp is our way of ensuring that all members of the Academy Of Lions Program start their training properly. Before moving on to our regular classes, all new members will go through one of two types of OnRamp.  This will help us assess present level of fitness with the goal of getting to know the individual and screening for risks of injury. We will also take you through our basic warm-ups, mobility drills and coaching cues. 


    ** We do not do refunds on Membership purchases

    ** 6 hour class cancellation policy

  • $199.00

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