• Nutritional Consultation Packages

  • Nathalie Niddam - Academy Of Lions Nutrition Coach

    Holistic Nutritionist with Honours - Institute of Holistic Nutrition 

    Human Physiology - McGill University

    Certified Bulletproof Executive

    She can be found most mornings at 7am crushing workouts at the Academy


    "My job is to cut through the reams of information and find the best foods & products out there to help clients finally achieve their goals"











    For folks who don’t have major concerns, believe that they are doing “most things right” but want to improve the way they look & feel.


    Improve your performance, build more muscle, shorten recovery time - fine tune your nutrition to reach your goals. 


    • Planning session - 45 minutes
    • Body Fat Testing via BioSignature Method
    • Recommendations on Food choices, Diet & Supplementation
    • Routine Check-In Session to look at progress & challenges
    • Food Diary Analysis






    30 DAY REBOOT $440

    You know you need to make some significant changes and you may have some minor health 
    concerns you’d like to address. Or, you have a special diet you are following but it feels like you 
    might be missing something. OR it’s just time to shake things up

    • Planning session - 45 minutes
    • Details Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire 
    • Weekly Check-In Session to look at progress & challenges
    • Pre & Post Body Fat Tests via BioSignature Method 
    • Customized Food & Diet Program
    • Pre & Post Workout Performance recommendations
    • Supplement recommendations
    • Food & Mood Diary Analysis


    90 DAY OVERHAUL $850

    If you have significant challenges to overcome OR you just know you need more time and support 
    to implement the changes required to optimize your health, you performance and to achieve 
    your goals. 

    • Planning session - 1 hour
    • Details Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire 
    • Bi-Weekly Check-In Session to look at progress & challenges
    • Body Fat Tests via BioSignature Method every 30 days
    • Customized Food & Diet Program every 6 weeks
    • Pre & Post Workout Performance recommendations
    • Customized Supplementation Program
    • Food & Mood Diary Analysis







    A 45 minute session to go over core food & lifestyle changes to help you optimize your current habits & choices.  Perfect for anyone who already feels comfortable with their diet but wants small tweaks and not a major overhaul.



    Great for the kind of person who has a hard time getting rid of those tempting snacks.  Nat will also educate you on the harmful ingredients and what foods to stay away from

  • $25.00

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